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#ServerStart dateCroppersElephants Weight for server start 05 Oct 2020Add an account to scan this server (1/5) 66 days agocroppers 15c15115 elephants found 2 days ago (2/5) 91 days agocroppers 15c15637 elephants found 67 days ago (3/5) 143 days agocroppers 15c15253 elephants found 75 days ago (4/5) 164 days agocroppers 15c15125 elephants found 162 days ago (0/5) 227 days agocroppers 15c15369 elephants found 160 days ago (0/5) 297 days agocroppers 15c15580 elephants found 250 days ago (0/5) 388 days agocroppers 15c15Add account (2/5) 750 days agoAdd an account to scan this server (0/5)